Thanks for stopping by to check out what services we provide for promoting your business! K&W's Marketing Services has something for everyone, no matter how much (or how little) marketing you currently do. We offer print, web-based and branding assistance. Please browse through our online catalog to see what we offer, ​we are sure something will catch your eye. If you have something in mind you don't see, give us a call. We welcome your creative ideas, we love adding unique designs and ideas to our portfolio!
- Brandy Seyfert, VP of Communications
Print Design
Web Design
Need new business cards, appointment cards or counter product brochures? How about an ad for the local newspaper or a coupon mailer? Our Print Design services can cover any aspect of print work you require. And... this isn’t some cookie-cutter, choose from these two ads, sort of help either… everything is created specifically for you with your logo and shop info.​
Having a website is integral to today's business, but updating it and using it to sell your company is sometimes overlooked. We can create eye-catching banners, graphics, flyers, ads and other web or print based services to keep you up to date! Assistance with various social media services are also covered.​​
Does your logo need updated, or do you even have one? Maybe you need to refresh your interior/exterior design and signage? We can (and should) put your logo on just about anything because branding is the most important aspect of your business marketing, it’s how your customers recognize you and distinguish you from all the other guys! ​​​​
We understand the industry​​​
Over 60 years of experience
As one of the East Coast​'s​ oldest and largest independently owned tire distributors, we have worked alongside every sort of ​business imaginable​. This gives us a unique perspective on the industry, and helps us to help you! ​We​ have made ​our partnership with you our top priority.
We build relationships
You're a person, not just a customer
​In this busy world, it is easy to get lost in the crowd, and we understand your desire to set yourself apart from other businesses. We take the time to get to know you,​ your shop​,​ and your goals before coming up with an​y plans. Also, you can be as involved in the work as you want--- many people prefer to be hands on, and others are happy to have us handle it. Either way, it is entirely up to you!
Get everything​
From one place
Not only can we create and design anything you need, we have partnered with a local business to have all of your items produced a​t a discounted ​price​! This means we can handle your project from start to finish.